Welcome to Resource Planning Group

Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are an independent, family owned financial services firm located in Fishers, Indiana.  Our advisors have been serving the needs of our individual, family, small business, executive and non-profit clients in Indiana and throughout the US for over 40 years.

The cornerstone of our service is sound, data driven financial advice based on fundamental principles and research.  Our desire is to always put the needs of our clients first as we provide financial guidance. Our money management philosophy is a conservative, balanced and disciplined approach that is goal based.  We believe that the most important factor in achieving an outcome is to build portfolios that reflect the right mix of asset classes. 

Strategic Planning

While investment management is the core of our business, we are fully committed to strategic planning and counsel our clients in many financial areas.  We believe a comprehensive financial plan should cover a wide range of objectives such as a comfortable and secure retirement, building tax efficient income and portfolios, transferring financial risks through the use of insurance, balancing personal financial needs with the demands of business ownership and efficiently passing assets to beneficiaries and charities. 

For others a financial plan may cover only a single objective such as caring for a parent or child with special needs, efficiently transferring a business to the new ownership or assisting a surviving spouse through the transition to managing their own affairs.   The key is a written plan that everyone understands and is focused on completing.  As we work along side our clients, we are committed to staying focused on the end goals and continuing our counsel as life's changes happen.

What to Expect

Clients can always expect us to treat them with respect, honesty and integrity. We are committed to putting their needs ahead of our own, educating them so that they can understand and be comfortable with our recommendations, providing continual feedback and performance reporting, and coordinate our efforts with their other professionals such as attorneys and accountants.    

Not everyone desires to have a comprehensive financial plan.  Many people we work with prefer to get advice on a single issue initially and then later work on a more comprehensive strategies.  While a written plan itself does not guarantee success, it does provide an ongoing measuring tool that will help steer future decisions as things change.

Who we serve

Acknowledging that each of our clients are unique, we also observe a number of commonalties. 

  • Our clients, like us, tend to be very family oriented and consequently we often advise more than one generation within a family. 
  • Our clients tend to handle their financial resources with open hands, recognizing the true source and purpose of their wealth.
  • Similar to handling money with an open hand, our clients also tend to be generous in their giving.
  • Our clients exemplify an entrepreneurial spirit and believe that hard work, careful spending, sound reasoning and creativity are components of wealth creation.
  • Our clients tend to live purposeful lives and seek counsel in their stewardship decisions.

Give us a call

As a growing practice we have increased our capacity by adding 2 additional advisors over the last 2 years.  If we can be of assistance to you, your family or your organization, we would be honored to visit with you.  We never charge for introductory meetings and truly enjoy getting to know our neighbors.